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Despite the multitude of challenges that continue to plague our country, the AlphaWealth Foundation remains invested in the future of our great nation and believe it can be filled with promise. It’s no revelation that much, if not all, of this future potential rests with the youth.


Our projects therefore focus on the direct upliftment of children and young adults. To date we have provided funds to a number of different initiatives. From the building of libraries, crèches and schools to the sponsorship of youth sport activities and clubs, our involvement has been varied and handled on an individually basis to causes we’ve assessed as deserving.


We strive to have a direct, measurable and sustainable impact and work closely with those who will be benefitting from our contribution. As the demographic challenges in our land continue to increase, we feel strongly that this is the right time to similarly increase our efforts and do more to be part of the solution.


Be the change you want to see in the world – Mahatma Gandhi